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Chennai Man Saved a Girl from Gang Rape


A  Man from Chennai saved a girl from Gang Rape Vasanth Paul is a Model and Photographer from Chennai. After watching Rajinikanth's Kabali Movie with his friends, he return to his house alone. Due to the poor roads, he detour at Alandur. While moving their he heard a faint voice calling out for help, but he thought that it was an animal voice, after few minutes he realised that it was a voice of someone who calling out fo

Indian Girl Tarishi Jain Killed in Dhaka Attack


Tarishi Jain a girl from India who has been killed in Dhaka Attack on July 1, 2016. She is a student of University of California in Berkeley. This was confirmed by our indian embassy in Dhaka. The attack was happened at Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka. Sushma Swaraj, External Affair Minister of India express her condolences through the micro blogging site Twitter. She spoke to Tarishi’s Father and arranged visa for Tarishi

Basic Laws That Every Indian Should Know


Basic Laws That Every Indian Should Know. No matter who you are, where you are, you are subject to Laws. It is very essential for any Indian to be aware of the Basic Indian Laws to safeguard himself or his family during any critical situations. But the poor thing is, most of the people take this in easy way and try not to concentrate on the Basic Laws. Much like any other subjects, Basic Law must also be taught to student

Narendra Modi Launched Solar Powered e-boats in Varanasi

Narendra Modi Launched e-boats in Assi Ghat_Varanasi_indianmagz_feature

Narendra Modi Launched Solar Powered e-boats in varanasi during his visit on sunday. It is a major scheme of central government for creating environment friendliness in the Ganga River. He launched e-boats at the Assi Ghat in varanasi. He said that, it is an important scheme to reduce the polution and keep the ganga river clean by distributing e-boats. image source: He also said that,

Simple Ways to Cut Down your Electric Bill

how to consume electricity for your home_indianmagz_feature

We do realize nowadays that our electric bills are getting damn too high which may disturb the significant part of our monthly budget. But with few techniques and minor adjustments it is possible to cut down your electric costs. This can rather be helpful in stopping global warming too. image credit: Just follow the given below steps to reduce your electricity bill for your home, office, store etc... T

Actor Vijay arranged Special Show for 60 Children in LCT

raghava lawrence thanks actor vijay for special_indianmagz_feature

Actor Vijay surprised Raghava Lawrence by sponsoring 60 tickets to "Theri Movie Special Show" for the children in Lawrence Charitable Trust. Theri Movie was directed by Atlee and it was running successfully after 2 weeks and entering in to third week with same mass audience.  The children in Lawrence Charitable Trust wanted to watch the latest movie of vijay's Theri, they said this to the

Spirit of Chennai by Chiyaan Vikram

spirit of chennai by chiyaan vikram_dedicated to chennai victim volunteers_indianmagz_feature

Finally the wait is over, the album Spirit of Chennai has launched today. Actor Chiyaan Vikram, has contributed more for the chennai flood past days, he produced a flood relief song especially for the volunteers who work hard to save chennai flood victims. This 11 minutes video was directed by Actor Vikram itself, music by C.Girinandh and the singers are SP. Balasubramaniam, Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan, Aruna Saira

10 Important Things to Know about KFC

10 important things to know about KFC_Kentucky Fried Chicken_indianmgz_feature

10 Important Things to Know about KFC We all know that Kentucky Fried Chicken is simply called as KFC and it's a famous Fast Food Restaurant Chain specialized in Fried Chicken. Headquater of KFC is located in Louisville, Kentucky in United States of America. Here is the video clipping of 10 things you didn't know about KFC.  

Help others as much as possible – Live and Let Live

activities_lawrence charitable trust_help others as much as possible_live and let live_indianmagz_5

Help others as much as possible. Live and Let Live. This is not a slogan or words. This is the life for an important person in Tamil Film Industry. Did you guess who is that person? Don't you know, he is none other than the  Actor, Choreographer, Producer, Philanthropist and Dare Devil Director of Muni, Kanchana Part One and Part Two of Mr.Raghava Lawrence. We all think that he is acting for m

Bihar Chief Minister Call for Sangh Mukt Bharat

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish-Kumar call for sangh mukt bharat_indianmagz_politics

On Saturday, Bihar Chief Minister Nithish Kumar call for Sangh Mukt Bharat to Non BJP parties to save our country(i.e., Democracy). He calls for all non BJP parties to come together. He said that, uniting all the non BJP parties against BJP is the one and only way to save democracy. Then he said that, i am not against BJP and i am only against the diversive concept of BJP. He called Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L.K.Adv

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