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6 Wonderful Features of Android That You Might Not Be Used

6 Wonderful Features of Android_classiblogger

6 Wonderful Features of Android That You Might Not Be Used, But Should Be image credit: Google’s Android is the most widely used mobile operating system that has done a lot of neat and well-ordered things, so it is a quite difficult to keep track of the things that done by it. Do you know that you may even be unaware of some of the wonderful and most useful features your android phone offers

How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Network at Home


This article helps you to secure your house’s Wi-Fi network (i.e) 802.11 b/g/n Wireless home network. Securing a Wireless Network becomes more important since there is always a risk that your neighbors may borrow your internet connection or can even access your files and check up on what are you doing. Other than this, there are also risks of hackers to upload any illegal materials just by breaking your Wireless Network. Thus, it

Xiaomi is Planning to Launch a Manufacturing Unit in India


Xiaomi is planning to launch a manufacturing unit in India with Foxconn Technology. During the launch of Mi5 smartphone in New Delhi, Hugo Barra, Vice President of Xiaomi Corporation said that, Foxconn Technology Group assembled Xiaomi's first smartphone in India last year from a new plant in the south. This helps the chinese by shortening time to deliver the product and prop up margins he said. image credit: www.dotd

Things you didn’t know about Internet

things you didn't know about the internet_technology updates_indianmagz_feature

It was born 40 years ago, at the University of California, Los Angeles.  And for now, billions and billions of people have started using it. But the real question is, how much do you really know about the internet? You might have seen so many videos in YouTube which might really take some Megabytes or many blue-ray discs in real time. But, stunningly internet holds everything and all possible videos, photos, audios, movies and so on. How

Things that can be done with Galaxy Note

So what are the uses of buying Galaxy Note devices? As soon as you buy the device you might don’t know where to start. So what are the special features of Galaxy Note devices and what makes it different from the other phones? Large and Immersive Screen with the Smartphone Portability: The screen size of Samsung Galaxy Note devices is 5.3” large screen + Light and Thin design. This screen size with the

Get Back Deleted Messages in Your WhatsApp and Facebook


We all are very familiar about the social apps such as WhatsApp and social networking site Facebook. WhatsApp messenger uses your phone’s internet connection to send and receive messages, pictures, audio, video, locations and contacts. As long as your phone is not in roaming and you have not exceeded your data limit, you are not charged any amount for making use of WhatsApp. Yes, absolutely it is a free app and it is becoming very popula

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